Day 130

Chaim begins by showing his viewers a heavy truck the IDF uses nicknamed “the Wolf” and then the scene switches to another vehicle, a heavy engineering bulldozer. Chaim takes some clay off the tracks of this bulldozer to demonstrate the way that terrorists mold human beings into instruments of attack against freedom and democracy.

He explains that in the Islamic narrative, there are only two kinds of places in the world. There’s “dar al Harb” where there’s a struggle going on between Islam and any other kind of ideology and a place called “dar al Sallam” where Islam has subdued other ideologies and established Sharia Law.

If the Muslims get to a point where it’s too difficult to continue the struggle, they’re allowed to call a “hudna” which is essentially a cease-fire, while neither side fights and the Islamic side regroups and gets ready to fight again. This is following the example of Mohammed when he was beginning his conquest of the Hijaz region of eastern Arabia.

Chaim says there are groups of Muslims all over the world today who are taking this narrative very seriously and pursuing the goals very earnestly. There are also, as there have always been, those who are resisting this movement.

He says that we have the ability to understand these narratives and the conversations around them. He says that these groups are even active in America where they’re using money donated to universities to sew the seeds for taking the struggle to the next level. He concludes by inviting his viewers to leave their thoughts in the comments section.

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