Day 214 Swords of Iron – “Entering Rafah”

Chaim starts the video by telling his viewers that the IDF has captured the Gaza side of the Rafah Crossing from the Egyptian Sinai into the Gaza Strip. It’s strategically significant because this is the entry point of where much of Hamas’ weapons and other things they need are smuggled into the Strip from Egypt.

As Chaim explains, there are also a lot of tunnels there used for smuggling and other purposes. Chaim says that the Hamas leaders said they’d agreed to a ceasefire deal, but it was an attempt at deception because what they actually agreed to was not what had been offered to them and was, in fact, a list of their own demands that they knew Israel would reject.

Chaim says that the UN Security Council is meeting to discuss the situation but there have been several sources that confirmed Hamas changed several conditions of the agreement before their fake “agreement to it” but of course many international media outlets are ignoring this and running with a narrative that Israel proceeded with the Rafah operation even after Hamas agreed to a ceasefire.

Chaim also mentions that even the US has delayed the provision of badly needed ammunition to Israel in order to pressure it into agreeing to a ceasefire, even under unfavorable conditions.

However, despite all the pressure and the nonsense, the IDF is proceeding with the operation to eliminate the last Hamas battalions in Rafah.

Chaim says it’s a very challenging time. We just marked Holocaust Remembrance Day and we’re looking at even more challenges ahead. He asks his viewers to pray for Israel, especially the IDF, in this challenging time.


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