Let’s take a moment to remember the stages of the Holocaust

Chaim starts out the video by reminding his viewers about some of the things that happened in Germany, starting in 1933, which made conditions for Jewish people worse and worse until they culminated in the Holocaust. The Holocaust didn’t start with mass deportations and gas chambers, it started with anti-Semitic words and actions like denying Jewish students and professors access to their universities, and this led to the establishment of ghettoes for Jews.

Chaim is interrupted by the siren that sounds in Israel at 10 AM on Holocaust Memorial Day.

When the siren has ended, Chaim continues by talking about the step-by-step progression of the Holocaust, which included the Nazi invasion of several countries in Europe with large Jewish populations such as Poland and the Soviet Union, as well as France and Holland. In these countries, the death squads followed closely behind the combat units, rounding up Jewish people and others that the Nazi regime thought were “undesirable” and shooting them in mass executions.

As the war continued, the Holocaust accelerated and there began to be mass deportations of Jewish populations to concentration camps and extermination camps where many starved to death, died of diseases caused by the unsanitary conditions and many were also executed.

Chaim concludes by reminding his viewers that the Jewish people are under attack once again, both rocket attacks and terrorism in Israel as well as increasingly ugly rhetorical and even physical attacks in many other countries around the world. He urges his viewers to stand up to this evil now and not let it turn into another Holocaust.


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