Day 186

Chaim begins by saying he wants to talk about the October 7th Hamas attack on Reim, an Israeli community close to the border with Gaza. He admits that 50 years to the day after the surprise attack that started the Yom Kippur War, Israel simply wasn’t ready for this attack.

Chaim visits Reim six months later and he shows scenes from the gymnasium where there was a fierce battle between the Hamas Nukba force and the IDF. There are bullet holes and battle damage all over the building. Chaim talks about how four Israeli Beduin men fought back against the Hamas onslaught.

But the Hamas attack was so brutal and overwhelming it destroyed these communities. There were many atrocities, which the Hamas terrorists themselves filmed. Other security cameras also recorded images of atrocities, adding to the testimony of survivors and even perpetrators who were later arrested and interrogated.

But Chaim has been close to Reim for much of the time he was serving in the IDF reserves over the past six months and he has seen and recorded videos of many things that he wanted to show his viewers so they can get a better understanding of the situation.

The video concludes with another IDF soldier thanking the Aliyah Return Center for donating a bullet proof vest to keep him safe in the war zone.

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