Day 147

Chaim starts the video by greeting his viewers “from Khan Yunis” and he rhetorically asks what Hamas’ goals were in launching their attack against Israel on October 7th, 2023.

He answers his own question by saying that they certainly wanted to inflict pain on Israel, which they did. But they also wanted to reduce the number of Palestinian security prisoners in Israeli prisons, failing to do so as many more Palestinians are now in prison than there were before October 7th.

Hamas also wanted to intimidate Jewish people away from visiting the Temple Mount, but now more and more Jewish people are looking to visit the Temple Mount.

They also wanted to take over Israeli territory but instead, the IDF has taken effective control over most of Gaza.

Hamas also wanted to install division and terror among Israelis, but Israel is more united than ever.

Hamas also wanted the other terrorist organizations to follow their lead and attack Israel, but aside from some harassing fire into northern Israel by Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen attacking international shipping in the Red Sea, not much has happened.

Hamas was also hoping that the Arab/Muslim world, the EU, the UN and Turkey would all put pressure on Israel to not fight back, but aside from some empty words and diplomatic platitudes, that didn’t happen.

Hamas was also hoping that there would be uprisings of Arabs and Palestinians who live in Western countries, and there WERE many demonstrations, but it didn’t affect the actions of these governments much. It did however spark an awakening in these countries to the internal threat these populations pose to them.

Chaim says that Hamas spent a long time planning and preparing for this moment, building many tunnels and other fighting positions all over Gaza, which the IDF is in the process of destroying and dismantling.

But the plan they made is backfiring on them, and they are being judged by God for their attack against Israel, just as Genesis 12:3 says they would.

Chaim says “it’s not karma, it’s God’s covenant” and he adds that he hopes people will take note and learn how to live in the blessing.

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