Day 226 Swords of Iron – “Teach Truth”

Chaim begins the video by telling us that he’s filming inside a mosque in Rafah, and he talks about the bodies of hostages that have recently been recovered by the IDF. He says that the source of the hatred that drove the massacre on October 7th came from the preaching in mosques like the one he’s filming in, and he asks God to avenge those who were mercilessly murdered. He also asks God to bring back those hostages who are still alive, and admits that he doesn’t even know how many there might be.

Next he mentions how many tunnels the Ya’alom combat engineering unit he’s part of has been finding, and there’s still a lot of work to do.

Next, Chaim talks about the different plans which are being discussed for  post-war settlement in the Gaza Strip. Benny Gantz, leader of the National Unity party and a minister-without-portfolio in the emergency wartime cabinet, has given Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ultimatum that a solid plan must be in place by June 8th, or he’ll bolt the coalition and possibly force new elections.

Gantz’s demands are that a plan include the return of all remaining hostages, the complete toppling of Hamas, the establishment of a multi-national coalition to administer the Gaza Strip, the return of the residents of northern towns to their homes, a normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia and last but certainly not least, the end of exemptions from military service for the haredi (Ultra-Orthodox).

Chaim also mentions the apparent crash of the presidential helicopter in Iran, saying that this accident would be another blow to the Ayatollah regime which rules that country.

He then says that it seems like the whole world is becoming mentally unstable, with people simply enraged and not willing to listen to the truth.

Chaim concludes by counting the Omer for day 26.

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