Day 171

Chaim starts out by saying that he’s enjoying a break from the IDF at his home near the Sea of Galilee, while he watches high-level negotiations taking place over the issue of hostages and a possible cease-fire in Gaza.

This includes some possible Israeli concessions that Chaim thinks might be going too far, but Israel really wants the return of their hostages so they’re trying to be flexible.

He switches to talking about the notorious movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel. There are also dozens of universities all over the world which run officially sanctions “Israel Apartheid Week” events. Chaim finds this particularly absurd because he’s a Jewish man who has lived most of his life in Israel and he has seen first-hand that the apartheid system that prevailed in South Africa from 1948 to 1994 is completely different from the situation in Israel.

As examples, Chaim points out that there have been Arab members of Knesset since the founding of the country in 1948. There are currently 17 Arab members of Knesset and there are also Arab judges who sit on the Supreme Court and in seats of power and authority in every other area of society.

Arabs and Jews mix freely in every venue, from beaches to supermarkets to buses and everywhere else.

Chaim finds it absurd and offensive that people would try to say they’re defending democratic values by sanctioning the one democratic country in the Middle East, while giving its Arab neighbors, who really DO practive aparheid, a pass.

Chaim concludes by saying we need to stand up for the truth and against the lies and deciet of the BDS movement.

The final montage shows a video of an Israeli boy who goes shopping for a Purim costume with his mother. He says he wants to be a superhero, and he ends up picking a costume of an IDF uniform.

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