Day 168

Chaim starts out by telling his viewers that he’s still on a break from the IDF, at home with his family in the Galilee.

He mentions that this is the time for the Biblical festival of Purim, which is based on the Book of Esther. He says that chapter 9 of that book is difficult for people to look at and digest, because it discusses the Jewish people defending themselves from an attack and having victory over their enemies.

He relates this to the current war Israel is fighting against Hamas and Hezbollah and notes that there are also a great many Israelis protesting in the streets, demanding that the Israeli government “bring them home” referring to the hostages. Chaim says that the government and the IDF are already doing everything they can to bring the hostages home, and these protesters should be telling Hamas to “Bring them home” instead.

Chaim also says that the slogan “Bring them home” is also relevant in the discussion surrounding Aliyah.

Chaim says that there is a “dark cloud” which makes it difficult for people to see the truth about Israel. He compares it to “the Mandella Effect” which is a phenomenon whereby large numbers of people have an incorrect idea about a historical event.

Chaim says this prevents many people from seeing that the Jewish People of today have any business being in the Land of Israel. Many who call themselves Christians don’t even believe what the Bible clearly says about this issue, that the Jews of today are the same people described in the Book of Exodus coming out of the House of Bondage in Egypt.

Chaim describes many products that have certain names, but in popular parlance the names are different than what appears on the label. He says this is comparable to the false ideas people have about Israel, which are refuted by tangible evidence.

Chaim declares that there are over 700 promises in the Bible concerning Israel and the Jewish People, the return of the exiles, the victory over Israel’s enemies, and many other things. He urges his viewers to not be fooled by false images and lies that are popular despite being based on falsehoods.

He concludes by wishing his viewers Happy Purim and invites them to join the Aliyah Return Center for an online Purim celebration the following day.



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