Chaim starts by pointing out the incongruous fact that there are many people, even highly educated people and people who read the Bible, who don’t know what the word “Aliyah” means. They would have a hard time understanding why there’s a need for an “Aliyah Return Center” organization.

Chaim compares the phenomenon of Jewish people making Aliyah back to Israel to a salmon swimming upstream against the current of a river, risking getting eaten by a bear and other hazards, to return to the place where they were spawned, so they can spawn the next generation of salmon.

Chaim declares that Jews are NOT colonizers in the Land of Israel, but rather we are indigenous to this Land and we’ve been here for a very long time. It started in 1800 BC when Abraham was obedient to the call of God to leave his comfortable life in Mesopotamia and come to the Land of Canaan. The story continues through the Biblical Patriarchs Isaac and Jacob/Israel and all of his sons and their descendants.

The story continues later in the Bible with Cyrus, the king of Persia, declaring in 586 BC that the Israelites who were brought to Persia by his predecessors were allowed to return and rebuild Jerusalem. Many did, under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, and this is all an “Aliyah story.”

There continued to be large numbers of Jewish people from all over the world returning to the Land of Israel at different historical epochs, long after the Tanach and even the New Testament had been written.

This continued up till the lata 19th century when the modern Zionist movement was born under the leadership of Theodore Herzl, Chaim Weizmann, and later David Ben Gurion. Chaim mentions that Aliyah was motivated by waves of persecution in Russia and what is today Ukraine and Belerus.

Chaim says there were six large waves of Aliyah and that there’s a 7th huge one still to come.

Chaim then moves on to talk about the Holocaust and the 1948 Independence War which convinced enormous numbers of Jewish people all over the world that it was time to come home. Chaim lists several more large military airlifts that brought Jews to Israel from several countries around the world including Iran, Ethiopia and Russia.

More recently, large numbers have come from France and also the UK, US, Canada and elsewhere, because of rising anti-Semitism in Western countries.

So the Aliyah Return Center is needed to take care of these large numbers of new immigrants that continue to arrive in Israel even in a time of war. He says that there are many in the world who don’t want Jews to make Aliyah and they also don’t want them to stay in their countries of origin, rather, they just want Jews to die off and disappear. But he says that’s “too bad” because the Aliyah Return Center is going to continue blessing them and he thanks his viewers for being part of the blessing.


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