Chaim starts the video by showing some of the damage done to Israeli communities during the initial Hamas onslaught of 7 October.

He then switches to commentary on the moral decay of modern Western civilization, how it always precedes economic and political decay and collapse in every historical empire. He says that when evil isn’t confronted, when it’s allowed to grow, it inevitably leads to the breakdown of trust in institutions and the destruction of society.

He gives the example of southern Lebanon which is completely overrun by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror militia. This area is being used to launch attacks against Israel, including the place where Chaim’s wife and children live. He says that Israel and the IDF must push these threats back and defend their families from evil. He says it’s extremely difficult to find the terrorists, their tunnels and their infrastructure, but with God’s help they’ll do it.

He quotes Job 42:2; I know that You can do everything, And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You.

He says that although there’s a lot of pressure on Israel from all over the world to agree to a cease-fire before the job is done, the IDF MUST complete this job because, as Chaim says, we don’t want our children to have to go through the same trials and tribulations we’re going through because the job isn’t completed.

He concludes by thanking his viewers for their continued support and asks them to continue praying for the release of the remaining hostages.

Chaim starts by telling his viewers that his unit is tasked with finding the Hamas terror tunnels and destroying them. It’s a very difficult job which tests the soldiers who do it in many ways, and they must rely on each other and on God’s provision and help.

He shows footage he took himself in the “Sinwar tunnel” which is the largest tunnel found so far, big enough for cars to drive inside of it. He also mentions the incredibly complex and sophisticated warren of tunnels underneath “Palestine Square” in Gaza City that the IDF recently destroyed.

He quotes Micah 5:15, “And I will execute vengeance in anger and fury on the nations that have not obeyed”

The nations who have not obeyed the instructions of God, especially as they relate to the nation of Israel, will suffer the vengeance of the Lord.

He mentions that Jared and Ivanka Trump are among the celebrities and influencers who have visited Israel this week.

He also mentions that it’s a great blessing for the Aliyah Return Center to be able to provide barbecues and other morale-boosting events for the soldiers so they can take a break from the stress and anxiety of the war and recharge their emotional batteries.

He mentions that 2023 is fast coming to a close, and he asks his viewers to continue supporting the efforts of the Aliyah Return Center


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