Day 129

Chaim starts his video by describing the rescue of two Israeli hostages being held by Hamas in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Chaim gives details including the different IDF units, in cooperation with the Shin Bet, which participated in the operation. The two hostages were being hidden on the second floor of a building in Rafah and it was an immensely complex and difficult operation to carry out. They were assisted in extracting from the area by the air force, which laid down covering fire and suppressed the attacks against them as they tried to leave.

There was only one light injury to one of the rescuers, but aside from that all the Israelis got out unhurt and the mission is a success. The hostages were brought to Sheba Medical Center by helicopter and the entire operation took only one hour.

Chaim muses that he remembers visiting the home of one of the hostages on the kibbutz where the October 7th massacres took place as part of his initial duty after being called up to the IDF to fight in this war.

 Chaim concludes by saying there are still 134 more hostages and he and his comrades will do everything in their power to rescue all of them.

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