Day 223 Swords of Iron – “Paying the ultimate price for freedom”

Chaim begins the video by saying that it’s not easy to fight for one’s country, and sometimes it costs soldiers their lives. Chaim describes a friend of his, Liron Yitzhak, who died the previous day from wounds he suffered while serving as a civilian contractor in Gaza.

Chaim adds that this man was looking forward to getting married in just two weeks.

Another soldier, who is also a friend of Chaim’s, was wounded in that same incident, and he is also looking forward to getting married soon. Chaim visited this soldier in the hospital and thanked God for saving his life.

Chaim says that it is precisely during tough times like this that it’s most important to step up and defend what’s true, what’s right, what’s pure and what’s holy. He mentions that Hezbollah is also increasing the frequency and intensity of its fires on northern Israel, sending a UAV into the Galilee region that impacted in an area not so far away from Chaim’s home where his wife and young children live.

But, the main objective of the IDF right now is the last remaining formations of Hamas in Rafah, even as Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel. Chaim also adds that five IDF soldiers were killed in action on Wednesday, including a young man who was a lone soldier and had stayed at the Lone Soldier’s home at the Aliyah Return Center for a time.

Chaim concludes by declaring that he agrees with a recent statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he said that we won’t allow the “Hamastan” regime in Gaza to be replaced by a “Fatahstan” run by the Palestinian Authority. Instead, we’ll have peace on both our northern and southern borders.

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