Chaim starts by declaring that a new era is dawning in Israel. He draws the viewer’s attention to Ezekiel 37, the “Dry Bones” prophecy about the restoration of Israel and how it will be accompanied by righteousness and truth being held in high esteem.

Next Chaim reminds his viewers that Israel is fighting a war not just against Hamas but against many other terrorist factions, including Hezbollah on the northern border and the Houthi rebel groups in Yemen. Many of the terrorist groups Israel is fighting are merely proxies of Iran.

He gives a status report-style update on some of the IDF’s activities in the Gaza Strip, highlighting the removal of a major Hamas financier who will be difficult for them to replace.

He also highlights that US military assets are being moved into the Middle East to assist Israel and the moderate Arab states in the battle against Iran and its proxies. There has also been a price for all this progress against Hamas, and that has included the death in combat of many Israeli soldiers and the wounding of many more. Nevertheless, Chaim and his comrades are confident of victory.


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