January 30th 2024 – Day 115

Chaim starts out by saying that the IDF is “putting the squeeze on Hamas” terrorists, including by destroying their tunnels, denying them the ability to move freely from north to south, taking away their weapons and ammunition, and otherwise putting pressure on them.

This pressure has already resulted in Hamas agreeing to a framework for releasing hostages, although much negotiation remains to be done in this area.

Meanwhile, the IDF says it’s ready to launch a ground incursion into Lebanon to push Hezbollah north of the Litani River.

Next, Chaim mentions a video Hamas released of three Israeli women held hostage in Gaza. In the video, which does not mention a date when it was filmed, the hostages ask Israeli leaders to agree to Hamas’ terms for releasing them. This is a typical Hamas psychological warfare tactic. Chaim says that Israel will not capitulate to this pressure, but instead keep putting pressure on Hamas until they capitulate.

At the same time, however, Syrian regime officials are saying that they’re ready to join Hezbollah in a fight against Israel. But there are serious negotiations going on in Paris involving a number of regional actors to try and wrap up the war in Gaza with the release of the hostages.

Chaim then mentions that around the world, anti-Semitism is rapidly increasing, which is leading to a parallel increase in applications for Aliyah to Israel from many countries, especially in the West. Chaim says that the Aliyah Return Center is ready to do its part to help absorb these people who are on their way to Israel. He asks his viewers to help the ARC help these people, and concludes by promising that the IDF is not going to slow down or stop it’s work until Hamas has completely lost its ability to threaten Israel ever again.

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