Day 136

Chaim starts by mentioning that there is a common perception that most ordinary Palestinians don’t support Hamas.
Chaim thinks this is an example of “projection” where people in Western countries assign their own values, priorities, etc. to people from other cultures.

Chaim points out that these “regular people” voted for Hamas in the last elections held in the Gaza Strip and in almost every house he enters in Gaza he finds rifles, RPGs, and other weapons meant to be used by Hamas to attack Israelis.
Beyond that, polls have been conducted in Gaza and the West Bank showing that a solid majority of Palestinians support the October 7th 2023 Hamas massacre.

Chaim says that if the “regular people” in Gaza and the West Bank really did want what Westerners want, peace would have been established a long time ago.
But what these “regular people” want most is to eliminate Israel, and so Chaim asks his viewers to pray that they will have a changed heart.

He even asks for prayers that this change of heart would extend to other peoples in the Arab world so that they would have love instead of hate for even the Jewish people.

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