Day 158

Chaim starts by thanking his viewers for all the help they’ve given the Aliyah Return Center to equip IDF soldiers with the things they need and also helping families who have been evacuated from the war zones. He says that God has a plan for the entire Middle East and for every single person living on this planet, and he thanks his viewers for standing for the truth and for the Kingdom.

He then goes on to talk about how the war against Hamas terrorism continues in the Gaza Strip. This includes the elimination of Marwan Issa, Hamas’ number 3 in command. It also includes the destruction of rocket launchers and other terrorist infrastructures and weapons.

He also mentions the accusation that Israel is committing a “genocide” against the people of Gaza and he says it’s strange to hear that because the number of people in the Gaza Strip is increasing every year and is now 2.1 million. If there was a “genocide” going on, such as the one which was unquestionably carried out against the Jews of Europe in the Holocaust, than the numbers of people should be decreasing not increasing.

Chaim then switches to talking about the situation on Israel’s northern border, where the IDF is on guard and striking Hezbollah targets in response to Hezbollah rocket and drone attacks into Israel. Israel has also been striking Iranian weapons shipments for Hezbollah as they move through Syria. Chaim asks his viewers to pray into this situation as it could erupt into a much bigger war at any time and this could cause a regional conflict that would be devastating for everyone.

Chaim reminds his viewers that it’s almost Purim and part of the Purim story is Mordechi telling Esther that she has been put in the position she’s in “for such a time as this” and Chaim asks his viewers to stand with Israel at this time, because just like in the Book of Esther, we’re in a desperate situation which will lead to a great victory.

He concludes the video by introducing a Christian couple form Indonesia who are standing with Israel in this time of trouble and he invites his viewers to follow this example.

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