Learn about Passover at the Aliyah Return Center

Chaim says it’s time to learn about Passover, one of the appointed feasts of the Lord which are described in Scripture. Passover, or “Pesach” in Hebrew, is the feast that commemorates the events described in the Book of Exodus when the Israelites escaped from slavery in Egypt.

Passover takes place on the 15th of Nissan according to the Hebrew calender, and it’s the beginning of a new year according to that calendar.

The traditional Passover meal is called the “Seder” and it is defined by rituals from a small booklet called “Hagaddah” which means “the telling” as in, it tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

The meal includes many foods, especially Matzah bread, which reminds us of specific aspects of the Passover story.

Chaim says that it’s also a good time to remember the quest for freedom today, as well as the ongoing miracle of Aliyah. Just as the Children of Israel fled from the house of bondage in Egypt to the Land of Israel, so today there are many Jewish people all over the world fleeing anti-Semitism to find refuge in the modern State of Israel.

The rest of the video is a montage of activities that the Aliyah Return Center is engaged in to help those new immigrants as they arrive in Israel and begin to build their lives here. Chaim uses allegories and metaphors taken from the Passover story and reinforced by Scriptural references, to tell these stories and encourage the viewers to get involved and write their own story.


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