Day 189 Swords of Iron- “Pre-War Gaza”

Chaim is swimming in in the Sea of Galilee in this video, making it unique for that reason. He starts by telling his viewers that he’s been given a week’s leave from the front lines, so he’s at home with his family getting rested. He mentions the battles that still lie ahead, possibly including a major attack by Iran on Israel. But he also talks about what he saw when he was in Gaza. He mentions the nice houses and fancy cars he saw there,  and the many other amenities the people had there.

This includes healthcare, fuel, water, and many other things, some of which Israel is providing for this population at Israel’s own expense.

This is NOT the narrative being projected by much of the world’s media.

Chaim asks how the truth can be told and disseminated.

He goes on to talk about how the quality of life available to Gazans was higher than many other Arab and Muslim countries, and that they were heavily subsidized by the international community, the UNRWA, etc. Despite this, they turned their schools, mosques, hospitals and homes into weapons depots, terrorist training centers, rocket launching sites, etc.

Chaim asks why the journalists who see these things aren’t reporting on them. He asks why the Red Cross isn’t visiting the Israeli hostages, and what’s going on with the World Health Organization.

He says he’s trying to ask the relevant questions, but while he’s looking for answers, he’s also working on what he has control over. He’s leading the Aliyah Return Center to continue assisting immigrants as well as internally displaced refugees and others who need help.

He talks about the upcoming Passover holiday, how it is about many things, including freedom. He says it’s time to get the “leaven” of unrighteousness out of our hearts and free ourselves from impure thoughts. We must gain freedom for ourselves, and also the captives being held in Gaza and even the Palestinians in Gaza who have been living for years under the bondage of Hamas.

He quotes Exodus 15:2; The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will exalt Him.

Chaim says that now is the time to stand together for freedom, for truth, for the Bible and for the God of Israel in the face of adversity. He invites all his viewers to join him for Passover, and

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