Chaim begins by calling out the “woke” crowd who struggle to define “men” and “women” and also struggle to believe that the Holocaust happened or that Hamas carried out atrocities against innocent Israelis on October 7th. He declares that anyone who supports Hamas terror is a terrorist as well, and says that he and his comrades in the IDF will continue to stand for freedom and democracy in Israel.

Next the scene switches to Kfar Azza where Chaim says the evidence of a massacre are plain to see, and he says that the IDF is not going to let it happen again. He rhetorically asks how any human beings can take pleasure from such cruelty, and he asks his viewers to pray for victory of the light over the darkness.

The scene shifts to Chaim’s walking alongside former US Vice President Mike Pence as they tour Kfar Azza together. Chaim declares that the light WILL shine out in the darkness, the IDF will continue searching for the Israeli hostages held in Gaza and the terrorists who have been ruling in Gaza for the last several years will never threaten Israel again.

The scene shifts again to Pence’s address following his tour of Kfar Azza. Pence says he can see for himself the brutality of the attacks on October 7th, and he declares that it was not just another terrorist attack but rather he blames it on an “invasion” of Israel by a terrorist Hamas army, which was supported by the Ayatollah regime in Iran. He says that it is vitally important for the US to continue standing by Israel while it finishes the job of destroying Hamas and the threat it poses to Israel and the larger threat that terrorism poses to the entire Middle East and the world.

The video ends with an IDF soldier expressing his gratitude to the Aliyah Return Center for providing tactical equipment which has made his job of protecting Israel and his own life easier as he battles Hamas terrorists.




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