Chaim starts by noting that Hamas has been documented firing into crowds of Palestinians in Gaza as they were trying to access humanitarian aid that has been sent into the Strip by international donors. He says Hamas are tyrants who must be stopped.

He also notes that the Red Cross is refusing to pressure Hamas to allow them to visit the Israeli hostages in order to administer necessary medical attention. 

He then talks about the immense courage and stamina it requires to defend the Land and People of Israel, and how proud he is of the young soldiers around him, many of whom are fighting their first war. He says that although progress is being made, the enemy is very cunning and the war is far from over.

He also mentions recent remarks by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant who says that Israel is under attack on seven fronts, Judea and Samaria, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran. He says that Israel has hit back on 6 of these fronts, but the most dangerous, Iran, is yet to be directly struck. Chaim says this is a big problem because Iran is clearly building nuclear weapons to hit Israel with, and so far Israel has not deployed defenses that can stop such an attack.

Chaim then speaks about Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy force in Lebanon, which has launched and is launching large barrages of rockets against communities in the Galilee. He adds that there are stull hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Israelis, living in hotels or with friends and otherwise away from their families, jobs, schools, etc.

He says that the Aliyah Return Center will need to continue helping these people for a long time.

He also mentions that massive numbers of Moslems are being killed by other Moslems all over the world, with no one saying anything about it because they’re too busy condemning Israel for fighting a war of self-defense. He also mentions the brazen hypocrisy of Turkish President Erdogan comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler.

Chaim says anyone who fears the God of the Bible must not be silent in this time, but must speak up and speak out for the truth.

Chaim then gives a rundown of all the different ways that the Aliyah Return Center is actively helping Israelis in this situation and he urges his viewers to do what they can to support and be part of it.

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