Day 212 Swords of Iron – Holocaust Memorial Day

Chaim starts the video by saying that we’re living in a time defined by emotional ups and downs. He cites the tensions over unanswered questions like whether or not, and if so when, the IDF will be going into Rafah. He also talks about the bizarre situation on many college campuses where students are expressing support for terrorism, comparing it to the pro-Nazi student movements on some British college campuses in the 1930s.

He then declares that the Aliyah Return Center the Holocaust Remembrance Day is a very solemn occasion. He says that over the years, several Holocaust survivors have been helped in their Aliyah journey.

But he says that the nation of Israel is going through a roller coaster, and he quotes Amos 9:9 For surely I will command, and will sift the house of Israel among all nations, as grain is sifted in a sieve; yet not the smallest grain shall fall to the ground.”

He says that this difficult season the Jewish people are going through right now is causing many to ask questions and seek the truth.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Chaim says he is especially honored to be able to help so many Holocaust survivors and others who are in need, fleeing persecution around the world and also facing war and hardship here in Israel.

He then invites his viewers to watch a video that he made of a “March of the Living” event that he participated in a few years ago involving German Christians who were the children and grandchildren of men and women who had been in Nazi units which took part in atrocities during WWII. This event was part of the reconciliation process and was healing for many people.

Chaim concludes by counting the 12th day of the Omer.

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