Chaim begins by lamenting the large barrage of rockets fired at Tel Aviv and other central Israeli cities from the Gaza Strip the day before. He says there’s also rockets coming into northern Israel from Lebanon and Syria, and the Israeli response is causing tremendous damage to Hezbollah.

The IDF is also hard at work in Gaza finding and destroying terror tunnels and other Hamas infrastructure. He mentions that one of the top financiers of Hamas has been eliminated and the IDF is also hard at work in Judea and Samaria, rooting out and destroying terrorist infrastructures there.

He talks about his work as a combat engineer, finding and disposing of explosives and booby traps. He says it’s very dangerous work and the best way he and his comrades can protect themselves is to wear protective, anti-inflammatory clothing, goggles, helmets, etc.

He declares that “terror doesn’t pay” and he points to all the hubs of terror in Gaza which are being cleared out. He asks for prayer for guidance from the God of Israel in how to proceed with freeing hostages and otherwise making progress towards the wars declared goals.

He mentions the rising anti-Semitism around the world, including in France and the US, where applications for Jewish people to make Aliyah to Israel are seeing a sharp increase.

Next Chaim quotes Isaiah 51:14; The captive exile hastens, that he may be loosed, that he should not die in the pit, and that his bread should not fail.

He concludes by asking his viewers to continue praying for the safety of the troops and victory in this war of light against darkness. He also thanks his supporters for helping the Aliyah Return Center in its response to the crisis, which has led to many more opportunities for Chaim to appear in media venues and elsewhere in order to share the story of the ARC and increase the amount of assistance we’re able to provide to Israel.

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