Chaim begins by telling his viewers about how he was supposed to go on a mission the previous night, but he didn’t go because there wasn’t enough transport vehicles. Some of the soldiers who went on that mission didn’t come back, including a man from Chaim’s unit.

It reminds him that “freedom isn’t free” and that’s what he’s fighting for, freedom. He mentions that 21% of the population of Israel are Arabs and most of them are Moslems. They have full freedom under the law and members of this community have achieved high status including sitting on the Supreme Court. Chaim asks, rhetorically, where else in the Middle East has such freedoms? He also gives credit to the Israelis who built the country and allowed him and his family to enjoy such freedom, but says now Israeli freedom is under attack once again and must be defended.

He points out that it’s not just Hamas, the Houthis in Yemen have also joined in by firing missiles at commercial shipping, despite the ships having no connections to Israel. The US Navy was involved in shutting those attacks down, and it’s yet another indication that the war in Gaza is only one part of a much larger global conflict.

The Biblical values of human dignity and freedom are under attack and it’s not just Israel that needs to fight back against this. There are some voices, however, calling for these values to be abandoned in favor of globalism and/or Islamism.

It reminds Chaim of the Gog-Magog War prophecized about in Ezekial 38-39. As it says in the prophecy, at this time there are several nations and alliances of nations, factions, tribes and armed groups attacking Israel from different directions. A genocidal anti-Jewish spirit arising all over the world is also part of the prophecy, and it’s observably happening in the world today.

However, Chaim believes there are other prophecies that must be fulfilled first, including the Isaiah 19 highway from Egypt, through Israel to Assyria.

As he contemplates the approach of Hanukkah and the promise that light will win out over darkness, he is again reminded that Israel is fighting for its way of life and the way of life enjoyed by every free nation. He adds an appeal to help the Aliyah Return Center to buy an ambulance for the medical needs of the region in the Galilee where the ARC is located.

He concludes by quoting Proverbs 12:7; The wicked are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous stands firm and he thanks his viewers for standing with the righteous and for the way of life that he and his comrades are currently defending.

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