Day 219 Yom HaZikaron: Israel’s Day of Remembrance

Chaim begins by saying that since October 7th, over 600 IDF soldiers have been killed in action, including personal friends of his. He places a flower on the memorial to soldiers who fell in WWII, but he says it’s for all the soldiers who have fallen in defense of Israel.

He mentions that the number of fallen soldiers is over 25,000 in Israeli history, and there’s been 10 major wars and dozens of smaller conflicts in the 76 year history of the modern state.

He thanks his viewers for whatever they’ve done to help defend Israel. Some are standing up and speaking truth, some are sending money to help the Aliyah Return Center buy tactical vests and helmets and other gear that soldiers need to protect themselves on the battlefield, and some are soldiers who have gone into harms way.

He concludes by saying that this Swords of Iron War is not over yet, and he and his comrades will continue to stand up for the truth, for Israel, and for the promises of God and the Word of God.

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