Day 183

Chaim starts by thanking his viewers for not just being “fair weather freinds” who come for nice little tours of the Galilee and the Aliyah Return Center but who stand with Israel in the difficult times as well.

Chaim says that these are VERY difficult times as Iran has threatened to launch a massive attack against Israel in retaliation for the strike on their facility in Damascus which killed several of their most senior IRGC leaders. This might come in the form of ballistic missile attacks from Iran on Israel itself, or on Israeli embassies around the world, but it might also come in the form of a massive barrage of missiles from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

He also mentions that there is deep sentiment inside Iran against the Shi’ite Ayatollah regime which rules the country with an iron fist.

Chaim says now is a time when the prayer warriors must arise and stand with Israel. He asks his viewers to be in prayer for Passover miracles, like the ones described in Micah 7:15; “As in the days when you came out of the land of Egypt, I will show them wonders.”

 Chaim then tells the story of his personal involvement in the operation in Khan Yunis which resulted in the recovery of the body of Elad Katzir, a hostage from the October 7th attack who was murdered in captivity. He concludes by asking his viewers to be in urgent prayer for the hostages and their families, because this aspect of the conflict affects the whole country.


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