Day 151

Chaim begins by showing his viewers the demolition of a Hamas terror tunnel, before transitioning to a commentary on how the war against Hamas been going on longer than any other war in Israel’s history since the War of Independance in 1948. He says the end is in sight and many reservists are being demobalized (while told to be ready to come back to the IDF on very short notice) but there are still battles to fight.

He also laments the fact that in much of the “free world” including liberal democracies all over the globe, there’s a fierce battle for truth, with many people believing the lies and false narratives about Israel that are being pushed by Al Jazeera, Iran and many leftist media outlets.

He then switches to a rhetorical question about how many IDF soldiers have been wounded since the war began. He answers his own question by reporting that since the war began, about 475 have been wounded and are in serious condition, another 800 or so are in medium condition and another 1,755 are in light condition. Others have been injured in accidents that happened as a result of the need to move quickly in emergency situations, which are a common feature of every war.

He also speaks about how many soldiers needed (and still need) help from the Aliuah Return Center to acquire the tactival equipment they need, such as helmets and bullet-proof vests. The ARC is also continuing to support people who have been forced to flee their homes near the hostile borders. Chaim thanks all those who prayer for and gave generously to support these efforts.

He also mentions the miracles that Israel’s airport was not hit despite 13,000 rockets that Hamas fired into southern Israel in the course of the war, saying that when the all-but-inevitable war with Hezbollah breaks out, they’ll be targetting the airport along with other expensive infrastructure such as roads, bridges, etc.

But Chaim says that the Lord Himself will send angels to protect Israel. He thanks God for the wisdom that the Israeli government had to build the air defense system with the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow systems, but it is ultimately God who protects the country.

He quotes Isaiah 42:13; The Lord shall go forth like a mighty man; He shall stir up His zeal like a man of war. He shall cry out, yes, shout aloud; He shall prevail against His enemies.

He concludes by thanking his viewers for continuing to pray for him and his comrades and for the victory of God in this time.

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