Day 236 Swords of Iron – “Gather in Jerusalem to Pray”

Chaim begins the video by reminding his viewers that when he’s not serving as a Sgt. Major in the IDF, he’s also the Executive Director of the Aliyah Return Center, and in that capacity, he was given time off from the front lines in Gaza to speak at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.

Chaim gives a rundown of some of the events that take place at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast including addresses by various Israeli and Christian dignitaries, members of the Israeli Knesset, leaders of Christian Zionist organizations and also the Prime Minister of Israel.

The purpose of this event is to publicly show the solidarity of Evangelical Christians with Israel as well as for these leaders to get the information they need to go back to their constituents and tell them how they can pray for Israel.

Chaim then moves into an update on some late-breaking developments in the war, including the death of an Egyptian soldier in an accidental exchange of fire with IDF troops on the Philadelphia Corridor (border between Egypt and Rafah) sparking fears of escalating tensions with Egypt. Chaim gives some history of relations between Egypt, Israel and the Palestinians, saying that Egypt was the first country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979 and that agreement has mostly held but there have been flare-ups in tensions. The Egyptians also have edgy relations with the Palestinians, supporting them in some ways but also often being irritated by their behavior and above all refusing to allow any Palestinians from Gaza to come into Egyptian territory.

However, despite the tensions and difficulties with Egypt, the IDF is continuing operations in Rafah as well as Jabalia, finding and demolishing tunnels, weapons and ammunition, eliminating terrorists and in general pushing Hamas back.

Chaim concludes the video by once again thanking his viewers for the support they send which allows the Aliyah Return Center to provide life-saving protective gear to IDF soldiers.

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