Chaim begins by mentioning the lie that “Jesus was a Palestinian” which always makes the rounds at this time of year, and it being highly amplified at the moment on social media.

To refute this lie, Chaim begins by mentioning the lineage of Jesus as recorded in Matthew 1 and Luke 3, both of which record that Jesus was descended from King David, who was Jewish.

Then Chaim mentions that the Gospel of Luke mentions Jesus being circumcised, which was a commandment for Jews in ancient times but not other people groups of religions.

Chaim mentions several other events from the life of Jesus which are recorded in the Gospels which were uniquely Jewish, including being presented in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, keeping kosher dietary laws, and observing the Sabbath. Finally, there was a sign above His head put up by the Romans at His crucifixion which proclaimed Him to be “the King of the Jews.”

Chaim invites his viewers to comment on all this, but he also reminds them that Jesus was the light of the world for all peoples, Jews, Arabs and everyone else.

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