Chaim starts out the video saying that it’s not only raining rockets in Israel, it’s also raining water, which is a blessing, but it also makes the temperatures cold, so he’s glad he has a warm hat to wear (and the Aliyah Return Center is grateful for all the support which made it possible to buy and distribute warm clothing to other soldiers who need it.)

He then moves on to asking rhetorical questions about what might happen next. With Iran and other terrorist groups that Iran supports increasing their threats against Israel, and in Hezbollah’s case ramping up kinetic attack, there are fears that the war might spread to other theaters other than Gaza. He also mentions that Arabic copies of Hitler’s book Mein Kampf have been found in Gaza, apparently being read and studied by Hamas terrorists.

Chaim then asks a rhetorical question “what is our destiny’?

He tells an anecdotal story about a friend of his who was in a building that collapsed after it got hit by an anti-tank missile, but his friend escaped with only minor superficial wounds. THis make it apparent that this friend has a destiny, a prophetic destiny, and all Israel has a prophetic destiny. It is the desiny of the Messiah to rule from Jerusalem.

So he continues by rhetorically asking “what is your destiny, what is my destiny? Noah had a destiny that he had to wait a long time to fulfill, just as Solomon and many others did. He says he doesn’t know how long this war will take, but sometimes things don’t happen quickly. So he concludes by encouraging his viewers to be patient, wait on the right timing and don’t miss the prophetic destiny God has for them.


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