Free Clothing Store (LiVracha)

LiVracha is an Aliyah Return Center initiative that provides FREE awesome clothing for new Israeli immigrants and the poverty stricken(due to corona). It is a second hand clothing shop that is located in downtown Tiberias, opened since June 2021.

Woman choosing some clothes at our clothing store LiVracha

The Vision

The vision of LiVracha (Translation: For the blessing) connects back to the core mandate of the Aliyah Return Center in helping returning immigrants establish themselves in the Land of Israel, (FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, and more).

Our clothing is in a more central location where we can bless more people, in closer partnership with the municipality, government, Absorbtion and Aliyah (Return and Restoration) offices, and they get here with ease!
Even the city of Tiberias covered our grand opening, HERE.

Our goal is to bring hope and a loving embrace to all that enter our shop.


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